The HPH General Assembly (GA) is the supreme governing body of the International Network of Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services. The General Assembly consists of all National/Regional HPH Network Coordinators, observeres from upcoming National/Regional Networks, HPH Task Force Leaders, Observers from the World Health Organization and representatives from the WHO Collaborating Centres in Copenhagen and in Vienna. 

At the General Assembly meetings, however, only the National/Regional HPH Network Coordinators are allowed to vote. In this way, the International HPH Network is governed by the National/Regional Networks and, thus, the hospitals and health services all over the world, which it is made up of. For agendas and meeting reports from the General Assembly meetings, click here
A document has been drafted outlining the Constitution's rules on how to vote and elect Governance Board members. The document clarifies the rules of the constitution and, thus, represents no changes. You can retrieve the document here
National/Regional Coordinators

Sally Fawkes (Network Coordinator, VictoriaAustralia)

Gernot Brunner (Network Coordinator, Austria)

Milena Kalvachová (Network Coordinator, Czech Republic)

Tiiu Härm (Network Coordinator, Estonia)

Heli Hätönen (Network Coordinator, Finland)

Klaus Hüllemann (Network Coordinator, Germany)

SiuYukLunAlan (蕭鈺麟) (Network Coordinator, Hong Kong)

Laura Molloy (Network Coordinator, Ireland)

Raffaele Zoratti (Network Coordinator, Italy, National Network)

Giorgio Galli (Network Coordinator, Italy, Aosta Valley)

Antonio Chiarenza (Network Coordinator, Emilia Romagna, Italy)

Cristina Aguzzoli (Network Coordinator, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy)

Giulio Fornero (Network Coordinator, Piemonte, Italy)

Emanuele Torri (Network Coordinator, Trentino, Italy)

Simone Tasso (Network Coordinator, Veneto, Italy)

Mitsuhiko Funakoshi (Network Coordinator, Japan)

Irena Misevičienė (Network Coordinator, Lithuania)

Ida Bukholm (Network Coordinator, Norway) 

Bożena Walewska-Zielecka (Network Coordinator, Poland)

Bomoon Choi (Network Coordinator, Republic of Korea)

Jerneja Farkas-Lainscak (Network Coordinator, Slovenia)

Christina Blasco Iniesta (Network Coordinator, Catalonia, Spain)

Margareta Kristenson (Network Coordinator, Sweden)

Ying-Wei Wang (Network Coordinator, Taiwan)

Susan Frampton (Network Coordinator, Connecticut, USA)

Task Force Leaders

Mats Börjesson (Task Force Leader, Health Enhancing Physical Activities in Hospitals and Health Services)

Antonio Chiarenza (Task Force Leader, Migrant-Friendly and Culturally Competent Health Care)

Ilaria Simonelli (Task Force Leader, Health Promotion with Children and Adolescents)

Shu-Ti Chiou (Task Force Leader,  HPH and Age-Friendly Health Care)

Chin-Lon Lin (Task Force Leader, HPH & Environment


WHO Observer

WHO Collaborating Centre Vienna (HPH Conference Secretariat)
Jürgen Pelikan (CEO, HPH Conference Secretariat, WHO CC Vienna)
WHO Collaborating Centre Copenhagen (International HPH Secretariat)
Hanne Tønnesen (CEO, International HPH Secretariat, WHO CC Copenhagen)
Jeff Kirk Svane (Technical Officer, International HPH Secretariat, WHO CC Copenhagen)
Josephine Lykke Rasmussen (Student Assistant, International HPH Secretariat, WHO CC Copenhagen)