The HPH Governance Board have decided that the HPH Newsletter will on the future will be published by the international HPH Secretariat in an updated version.

The HPH Newsletter used to be a part of an agreement between WHO Regional office for Europe and the Competence Centre for Health Promotion in Hospitals and Health Care at Gesundheit Österreich GmbH (Austrian Public Health Institute). But as a result of the decision from WHO regional office for Europe to seperate the international HPH Network from WHO, the task and activites for the two WHO Collaborating Centres in Vienna and Copenhagen respectively have changed.

The new format is planned with 3-4 issues a year. The newsletter will depend on input from the international secretariat, the sitting chair of the Governance Board (Margareta Kristenson) and the many members.

From the international HPH Secretariat we welcome input and news from HPH National/Regional Networks, HPH Task Forces, HPH Working Groups and our many member hospitals and health services.

The libary of the previous HPH Newsletters will continue to be accesible through this link:




健康促進醫院通訊曾是世界衛生組織歐洲區域辦公室與Gesundheit Österreich GmbH(奧地利公共衛生學院)健康促進醫院與照護機構認證中心間協定的一部分。但由於世界衛生組織歐洲區域辦公室決定把健康促進醫院國際網絡從世界衛生組織中獨立出,在維也納及哥本哈根的兩個世界衛生組織協同合作中心之任務及活動也分別地改變。

新格式計劃每年發行3-4期。該通訊將取決於健康促進醫院國際網絡秘書處、現任的監理委員會主席(Margareta Kristenson)及許多會員之意見。